Case Study

The Fab Lab

We were hired to do the SEO & PPC for The Fab Lab, a new business looking to get some leads.

Who is The Fab Lab?

The Fab Lab is a new in the industry of providing entertainment and education through science experiments. From kids parties to school science days they put on a fantastic show of science for a range of ages. They were looking to increase their leads through the online space. To do this they needed a large increase in traffic, some new landing pages and some trust and authority on their site.

What did we achieve?


Traffic Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Paid Conversions

What makes a good online business?


A physical business is nothing without customers and an online business is no different. Traffic can be acquired through many channels such as SEO, PPC, social, paid social and many more. Finding and utilising the right channels for a business, with strategic investments for short and long term goals is essential for business prosperity.

Brand & Trust

These two factors aren’t everything but overarch most factors. Site trust can be shown through things like SSLs, great user interface and experiences can make them feel more comfortable in enquiring for services or buying products. On the other hand brand trust can be grown through things like external trust signals such as Trustpilot or Feefo, informing a customer their money is in good hands. Improving both of  these factors maximises sales and leads from website traffic.

What we do

A little insight into our work with The Fab Lab.


Being a fresh domain, The Fab Lab had no authority on the web and no current rankings. Keyword research was conduced to find out what potential customers were searching and this was used to implement an on-site SEO strategy, tailoring the site to our findings. We then underwent an outreach campaign, acquiring strong backlinks from other sites through creative and rapport building means.

Brand Identity

The Fab Lab is purely online, with no prior brand work and onsite trust, how would people know this is a reputable service? We created a “meet the team” page with images of everyone in the company, so clients would have a feel for the company and can see prior, who will be attending their house. We also showcased reviews on key landers and sought to implement external trust signals through Trustpilot. Needless to say conversions sky rocketed.


Since the site was new, SEO was going to be a long term strategy, we needed leads now. This is where PPC came in, with a creative and targeted campaign leads started pouring in and The Fab Lab started to see its first big growth. Overtime the campaign was tuned and it remains a key part of the growth of the business, offering high return on investment and consistency.

Landing Pages & Content

Within the means of the theme we created new landing pages with strong calls to action and trust signals. Each page was tailored to keyword research and also aimed to disclose any information and answer any questions potential clients may have. With this the site was ready for SEO and PPC.
The trick is to truly understand the business and how it fits into the online space, building a strategy based on research and goals.
From the Fab Lab:
Millenio have been doing our SEO for the past 2 years.. Liam and his team have been great at increasing our enquiries, helping our business triple in size this year. Very fairly priced, personable and great at what they do.
Oli O'Neil

Founder, The Fab Lab

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