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The link building service industry has long been dominated by companies like Fat Joe, whilst these are good services they tend to be massively overpriced for the average marketer. This means you don’t get many links for your money and ultimately the results that you want. We took link building in house 4 years ago for this very reason and began our own outreach campaigns, finding great sites for links and building strong relationships with bloggers. We realised we could offer this as a service, cheaper than all the rest, whilst reliable and helping you to achieve your desired rankings.

Give them a try! We’ll Just give us the anchors and URLs you want and within 4 weeks (5 for guest posts) we’ll sent you your live links. You can read our FAQs on the products if you have any queries or if you want to know anything else get in touch on the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Our Services


Niche Edits

We place your links into aged, relevant existing articles, whilst ensuring we keep the fluidity of the content.


Guest Post

We have highly relevant fresh content written posted on quality sites with your business in mind. Posts are up to 750 words, depending on the site requirements.

Subscription Links

Pay a standard monthly amount and we build links at cost price + a fee to give you maximum savings and easy to manage finances for your agency or business.

Tried and Tested

Over many years we’ve tested many different methods of link building and anchor distribution and we’re confident we know what works. If you want worry free quality link building have us pick your anchors with our larger packages or get in touch for a subscription service and we can learn your business and have a chat about your goals and targets. Then we can provide you a pre-emptive strategy for the month as well as monthly link reports.

All of our sites are spam checked, owned by real bloggers so you can be sure you’re getting a quality service at an affordable price.

I run an SEO agency and can’t say enough about Millenio’s link building services. The quality is better than the big names like Fat Joe, the prices are far more reasonable, the service and communication are spot on and the results are undeniable. Giant leaps in ranking increases across a variety of industries in a short space of time. They take what can be a time consuming, expensive and sometimes fruitless task and just simply deliver the results I’m looking for. Highly recommended.

David Saxton

Founder, PageOne SEO

The links I get from Millenio are great, they understand my goals and I’ve seen fantastic gains on keywords that I really wanted to rank well for. The price is awesome and the quality is unspoken for, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a link building service they can trust.

Tom Blake

Founder, Digital Roo

We’ve been using Millenio’s link building services for a couple of years now. If we ever have any questions or issues they’re always quick to communicate and sort out anything for us. The links are very reasonably priced and the quality is amazing, we’ve seen massive ranking gains over our time with them and it saves us plenty of resources to focus on other tasks.

Katie Jones

Marketing Manager, TIAF

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