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why SEO?

Whether you’re a local cafe or a national E-commerce SEO search engines are a rich source of potential customers and the largest means of growth of your business online. Though your business needs to appear at the top of the search results to acquire these customers, in a practice known as SEO. While it is highly competitive, it offers unrivalled returns on investment and growth in the long term and should always be considered in a business. With great SEO you can stand out above your competitors and acquire leads and sales without any interaction with the customer.


Learning Your Business

While SEO is great, the first port of call is to learn your business; what’s important to you and what your customers are searching through keyword research. This will give us an understanding of the relationship in which you are presenting your business to your potential customers and how your potential customers are searching for your services.

Website Audit

A website audit to begin helps us to understand how your site is structured but also allows us to identify how search engine friendly your site is. You might have a page with some nice pretty images but no real identifiers to Google bots about what you actually do, which will mean your great page may never be seen.


Keyword Research

Touched on briefly as a means to understand what your potential customers are searching, we will also use keyword research to define the structure of your site and what content that page should have. Grouping relevant keywords we can strategise the architecture of your site and build high converting pages.

Outreach and Authority

One of the biggest factors of ranking is authority, which is gained by getting other authoritative sites to link to yours. We’ll run an outreach campaign to find quality sites to link to yours through quality content sharing and building strong relationships with other site owners.

Local & National

Whether your business audience is local in a service or shop or national in an ecommerce, blog or affiliate we will tailor our efforts to suit your company needs. Local requires a lot of focus on Google my Business and map listings which we are well equipped to handle.

Creative Copywriting

Content is king. Quite literally, quality content can entice a reader, instil confidence and more importantly, encourage them to buy or get in touch. We have great writers who will understand your business and write content that you will be happy to front for your business.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Exceptional knowledge goes far in SEO and Millenio clearly know what they are doing. I would use them for all my SEO queries and tasks.

Phil Wannell, Founder @ Audio Concierge

If you need SEO I recommend these. Professional and reliable packages.

Adrian Smith, Founder @ Web Hosting UK

Make Your Business a Priority.

We certainly will.

Drive More Traffic

This is the ultimate goal of SEO: more traffic = more potential leads and sales. Ranking improvements through strong strategic pages and link building will ensure your page appears at the top.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Strong calls to action, great user experience and quality content are all a part of the recipe for reducing bounce rates.

Increase Conversion Rates

By understanding customer journey through your site and finding the things that entice them or switch them off to your service is key to increasing conversion rates.

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