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Audio Concierge

We were hired to do the SEO & PPC for Audio Concierge, to take it into new channels and increase sales.

Who is Audio Concierge?

Audio Concierge is an online store offering bespoke, high-end luxury audio products. It is a niche market, with high ticket items focussing on people who prefer to listen to audio at it’s finest. Headed by Phil, he has a passion for the products and really offers a unique experience helping customers at every step.

What did we achieve?


Traffic Increase


Revenue Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Paid Conversions

What makes a good online business?


A physical business is nothing without customers and an online business is no different. Traffic can be acquired through many channels such as SEO, PPC, social, paid social and many more. Finding and utilising the right channels for a business, with strategic investments for short and long term goals is essential for business prosperity.

Brand & Trust

These two factors aren’t everything but overarch most factors. Site trust can be shown through things like SSLs, great user interface and experiences can make them feel more comfortable in enquiring for services or buying products. On the other hand brand trust can be grown through things like external trust signals such as Trustpilot or Feefo, informing a customer their money is in good hands. Improving both of  these factors maximises sales and leads from website traffic.

What we do

A little insight into our work with Audio Concierge.



Operating predominantly on social channels, Audio Concierge had only a few rankings. It is a unique project in that new products consistently make the previous obsolete, so efforts in ranking individual products would be  lost. Keyword research was conducted to find out which products and brands carried volume in the search results. The strategy looked to rank brand pages with a focus on presenting the company as a reputable partner with a few perks over the standard retailers. We then underwent an outreach campaign to acquire strong links through creative content and strong relationships with bloggers.

Brand Identity

Being purely online and selling high ticket premium audio items, brand is very important. On-site trust had to be built, a Trustpilot was setup and customers were prompted to leave feedback on their experience, which Phil provided a great one. Product trust was improved through showing of guarantees and full item descriptions for clarity. Reviews were showcased on key pages and links to the about page were also placed around the site as Phil offers a fantastic description of himself, the business and its offering.


Whilst we waited for the links to kick in, PPC was drafted as a short term revenue source and a means to appear for two positions in the listings when the site started to rank. The products are high ticket items and the clicks are cheap so it was a no brainer to build campaigns focussing on everything including tiny volumes. A creative and well thought-out campaign was created, leads weren’t huge but it gave the business enough money to reinvest into SEO and other channels. The ROI was fantastic and it gave the business the kick it needed.

Landing Pages & Content

Based on our research landing pages were optimised with good calls to action and trust signals. Product pages were also optimised based on the keyword research. Brand pages were re-thought and products were showcased along with a great brand description and optimised toward keyword research. With optimised landers the site was ready for some proper SEO and PPC.

The trick is to truly understand the business and how it fits into the online space, building a strategy based on research and goals.

They Said:

Exceptional knowledge goes far in SEO and Millenio clearly know what they are doing. I would use them for all my SEO queries and tasks.

Phil Wannell

Founder, Audio Concierge

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