SEO & PPC Case Study (Jan 2019 – March 2020)

Doctor 4 U

Our main role was link building, with some on-site, a site migration and a fantastic PPC campaign.

Who is Doctor 4 U?

Doctor 4 U is an online prescription service in which you can fill our an online consultation form, to be reviewed by a medical professional who will then decide whether to dispense requested medication. It was relatively small in the field without much SEO knowledge but a lot of potential. Our main role was link building since the original profile was very spammy with a lot of keyword heavy comment links.

We saw a 5000% increase in revenue over a year which was incredible, however the original medic update hit them and everyone else in the industry pretty hard. As soon as the medic update was reverted, well, look at the picture below:

What did we achieve?


Traffic Increase


Revenue Increase


Keywords Ranking

Our Link Strategy

Niche Edits

Inserting text links from existing blog pages by making minor edits to fit them contextually, known as niche edits is a great way to grow organically. Old pages often have a lot of age and have sometimes accumulated natural links so can add more value. Bloggers often charge more for fresh articles anyways so these, in our opinion offer more value for money.

Guest Posts

Guest posts really are the staple of link building, you can tailor the content to your anchor to create more relevant to your desired page. A big consensus among many is that guest posts are safer than niche edits, though a varied strategy is always a safe bet in getting the best ROI.

What we do

Our main focus was driving revenue, the site design and build was outside of our domain though we did have input on the on-site SEO. We chose to focus on links for this one because the sheer growth we achieved with some powerful links was everything to write home about. Our PPC campaign was no joke either though.

Link Building

We first did keyword research for every single product, laying out the intent for keywords and competition. We found many of the head terms didn’t seem to carry much buyer intent despite large volumes. We then built quality links through guest posting and niche edits to these key pages as well as keeping a natural profile with the homepage using partial match, brand and the occasional exact match to really give a push. It took about 4 months to see a real impact from the links but when they hit, they hit and Ahref’s traffic estimate doesn’t do it justice.


D4U had no PPC campaign at the time, the previous company had tried to run it without a medical exemption on Google. We gained exemption and over a few months of optimisation and adaptation we were seeing an ROI of 550% and that’s not including assisted conversions.


We don’t like to disavow links and we don’t really anymore since we personally believe that Google will now ignore most bad links. Disavows are only really useful in dire times and these were one of them, dragged down by thousands of comment spam links we filtered all these out and slowly disavowed them to rule out any value.

Landing Pages & Content

The pages were most of the way there, some tidying up of header classes and a new internal linking strategy with aggressive anchors to define pages and pass juice around effectively worked a treat. National is our forte and this was an exciting niche with a lot of potential and volumes.

Links aren’t everything, but they definitely do a lot of the leg work.

From Doctor 4 U:

We didn’t expect such growth in such a short time. Fantastic services all round, really easy to communicate with and seemed to share our passion for our business.

James O'l

Managing Director, Innox Trading LTD

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