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Guest Posting Service

For English Speaking Sites

High-quality relevant guest posts, whilst the most affordable in the market. We’ll check your link history to ensure we’re providing fresh sites and we’ll run all of them past you for pre-approval to check you’re happy with them before they go live, so you can order with confidence.


One-Off Posts

Packs Available

We’ll craft high-quality content and place it on a powerful relevant website. Pre-approve placements and articles or even opt to provide your own content.

DR 30+ – £110

DR 45+ – £155

DR 60+ – £205




Packs Available

Save 8% by subscribing to your own custom guest post order, saving up to 22% with our post packages. No contracts, read the details on the next page.





Purchase gambling guest posts in a one-off fashion.

You can also subscribe or opt for working directly with us for larger orders or other sales targets.




Work Directly

Work directly with us to meet your guest post and link building targets. Learn about the ways we work with our clients.



Pre-approval of Links

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4 weeks delivery

4 Weeks Delivery


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UK Sites Optional

Traffic Guarantees

Guest Post Case Studies


An Irish lawyer firm based in Dublin. Saw massive and quick increases following a pretty consistent 2 years from our link building.

example of site

Tegen Accessories

A UK online store selling hair accessories.

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Benefits of Guest Posts

  • You can tailor the content to your anchor, to create more relevance for the article
  • You often get put in the viewers eyes on the site via homepage or blog, getting traffic to your article
  • Content quality is guaranteed

We ensure sites we guest post on are carefully selected, filtering out anything spammy and low quality. You can white-label our services as you need to meet client quotas or use them to build your own projects.

If you spend over £1/$1.2k, through one-off links, a link package or a monthly retainer get in touch via email or on the one off form. If you buy online just send us your anchors and URLs and we’ll be happy to assist with anchor selection to give you some direction and a fresh set of eyes on your project.

Turn around time is 4 weeks, larger orders will take longer. With subscription links you will have access to a continuous sheet so you will see links as and when they are added.

Here’s What People Say:

Page One SEO

David Saxton, Founder

I run an SEO agency and can’t say enough about Millenio’s link building services. The quality is better than the big names like Fat Joe, the prices are far more reasonable, the service and communication are spot on and the results are undeniable. Giant leaps in ranking increases across a variety of industries in a short space of time. Read more.

Digital Roo

Tom Blake, Founder

The links I get from Millenio are great, they understand my goals and I’ve seen fantastic gains on keywords that I really wanted to rank well for. The price is awesome and the quality is unspoken for, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a link building service they can trust.

Doctor 4 U

James O’loan, Managing Director

We didn’t expect such growth in such a short time. Fantastic services all round, really easy to communicate with and seemed to share our passion for our business.


Do you have samples?

Feel free to email or get in touch by the contact form below if you would like to see some samples and specify if prefer to see niche or powerful domains, or both.

Are these links safe?

Link building has always been known as a risky game to play, but specifically if you don’t know where your links are coming from or if you are acquiring dodgy un-vetted links. All of the sites we get guest posts from are owned by real people and their domains are vetted for any spam and tested on sites already. We can guarantee the safety of your domain from manual penalties when using our services.

Do you guarentee links?

A gust post link comes with a 6 month guarantee, if the link is lost during this time it will be replaced with another in the same range, though most last for years.

Will the domains have traffic?

We don’t touch domains with 0 traffic or 0 keywords, though you can pay additional to have links from domains with guaranteed traffic. However we will prioritise these domains anyway without the purchase of guarantee.

What is the turnaround time?

We will get your guest posts to you within 4 weeks, if this runs over for any reason we will let you know in advance with reason. This could due to be slow responses from bloggers or a large backorder, though we will aim to get them to you as soon as possible. If you use our subscription service we will add links to a Google sheet as we outreach, with status so you have a live update on your order.

Are links do-follow?

Yes all of our links are do-follow.

Can I use any anchors?

Absolutely, the only ones we will turn down are foreign, above 50 characters, or potentially dangerous for your site. We will be in touch if this is the case.

Can you pick anchors for me?

Absolutely, just leave a message in the order chat or book a free strategy call with us and we’d be more than happy to help.

Do you accept every niche?

Everything but adult currently!

Can I change the link after placement?

Not particularly, though if you are unhappy with the placement please get in touch through our link building page contact form and we’ll see what we can do.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal so you can feel secure and card methods if you prefer.

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