Case Study

Cut my Plastic

We were hired to do the SEO & PPC for Cut my Plastic, an online retailer for cut to size plastic and now wood.

Who is Cut my Plastic?

Cut my Plastic is a Magento 2 online retailer of cut to size plastic sheets, which has now diverged into other products such as wood and glass. Being purely online they needed traffic and this was something we delivered through organic and paid ads. Seeing a massive increase in sales, operations could hardly keep up.

What did we achieve?


Revenue Increase


Traffic Increase


Increase in Paid Conversions


Return on Paid Investment

What makes a good online business?


A physical business is nothing without customers and an online business is no different. Traffic can be acquired through many channels such as SEO, PPC, social, paid social and many more. Finding and utilising the right channels for a business, with strategic investments for short and long term goals is essential for business prosperity.

Brand & Trust

These two factors aren’t everything but overarch most factors. Site trust can be shown through things like SSLs, great user interface and experiences can make them feel more comfortable in enquiring for services or buying products. On the other hand brand trust can be grown through things like external trust signals such as Trustpilot or Feefo, informing a customer their money is in good hands. Improving both of  these factors maximises sales and leads from website traffic.

What we do

A little insight into our work with Cut my Plastic.



Following some keyword research we redesigned the architecture of the site, grouping relevant keyword together and creating a hierarchy of pages. We then created a strong internal link profile which greatly helped in rankings allowing Google to better understand the purpose of the pages. All the while we built strong outreach links from relevant sites and articles to build trust.

CTA Factors

There was lots of stuff that went on behind the scenes, but one thing that did stand out was delivery pricing changes. We redefined the delivery pricing tiers based on the data of order sizes and quantities from the past 2 years. This simple change increased revenue by 30%  as customers can often be put off by seemingly unfair prices, but if you can work your margin into other areas it can work well for your company. We also looked at user journey, figuring out where customers struggle to find products or guides and trying to answer their every need wherever they may need it.


PPC initially wasn’t that successful, return on investment wasn’t high enough to justify creating the work. However, we then moved to Google shopping where we managed ROI of 450% This was not even including return visits or ones which fed into organic, it lead to an all round growth in site traffic and revenue and with refinement became a vital part in the Cut my Plastic’s success.

Landing Pages & Content

With the addition of several new products everything needed to be redesigned; the nav, homepage and category landers. Working with Magento 2 we created new landers with strong calls to action, trust signals and most importantly key selling products. Every page was tailored to keyword research and aimed to disclose any necessary information to answer any queries.

SEO isn’t just off-site, if your on-page isn’t looking good links won’t get you to the top.

From Cut my Plastic:

Liam and his team did a fantastic job in growing our traffic over the past two years, we’ve managed to grow the team massively as a result. Great communication and friendly to work with.

James Bryant

Managing Director, Cut my Plastic

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