Pay Per Click (PPC)

Secure ad spots and earn instant, quick revenue with trackable return on investment.


It’s not nice going unnoticed and your business feels the same. Why isn’t your business above the search results?

PPC allows you to assume top spots in the search results almost instantly, getting quick leads at a quantifiable cost.

SEO a bit of a pipe dream for now?  PPC is an easy way to get leads, track cost and spend through conversion tracking.

Appear above your top competitors in the organic search results with query related, geographical, ad and time specific targeting to maximise your ROI, but leave that up to us.

1. Keyword & Objective Research

Tell us what you want to achieve through PPC, and share with us your business objectives and we’ll do the research and devising a strong PPC plan. We’ll also do an audit of your current PPC campaigns and make any improvements.

2. Strategic Planning

We’ll build a structured PPC account grouping relevant products so when display our creative ads they’re shown to the right audience. Our main focus of the build structure is to see a clear picture of return on investment (ROI) and sales so you know whats going on.

3. Tracking Setup

No PPC account is complete without tracking, we’ll track anything of value to your business so we can give you a real breakdown of where your money is going.

4. Execution

Once we’re happy everything is in place and we love your creative we’ll begin your campaign, setting out with a controlled budget.

5. Optimisation

Campaigns don’t improve themselves, we’ll be on hand to ensure you’re showing for only relevant terms, removing anything thats wasting money, whilst constantly improving and adding to your campaigns to ensure the best ROI and sales.

6. Reporting

You want to know how your campaigns are performing and we’re always happy to tell. We’ll provide you with monthly reports detailing everything that matters to you, like sales, revenue ROI and our thoughts to ensure your business objectives are being met.

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What kind of businesses do we work for?

Local Services

If you provide a service locally we can help get you to the top of search results for your target areas along with maps. We optimise for the local area and compare you to your competitors to ensure you’re the best.

National Services

If you provide a service nationally or even globally such as an Ecommerce store we will do the research for you and suggest the least competitive and most feesable areas relative to your budget to maximise your return on investment.


If you already have an in-house SEO team but perhaps they lack or don’t have time for certain areas we can serve as an extension of your team. We communicate well and will fit into your team!